Eco Youth Camp 2016

Bekasi, April 15th 2016.

YMCA Metro Jakarta cooperated with BPR PGI, GKP Kampung Sawah and supported by APAY ( Asia Pacific YMCA ) are currently organizing an Eco Youth Camp “Combat Climate Change” with 30 youth representation from some churches and youth organization around Jakarta area.
They are youth representation from: AMIN Pondok Gede, GPIB Dian Kasih, GKP Jatiranggon, GKP Kampung Sawah, GPIB Jatipon, GMKI Jakarta, and GMKI Jakarta Barat.

All participants are very excited to join this camp with the motivation and concerns about climate change. In the first session, we had a discussion about how the climate differences in our childhood compared to the present level of hot air. The impact of Climate Change is real and we have to do something to combat climate change.